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Bvlgari is known as a manufacturer of top class jewelry. In addition to working with precious stones, Bvlgari brand also produces perfumery, sunglasses, bags, watches and other accessories. And last but not least, company owns the chain of hotels Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.

Brand founder Sotirios Bulgaris was greek. At the second half of  XIX  century he was in charge of family business - manufacture and sale of products made from silver. Bulgaris family was known at that time as manufacturers of decorations, belt buckles and scabbards for swords and daggers.

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Some time later, Bulgaris moved to Italy, settling in Rome. The young entrepreneur was quite satisfied with the status of an artisan and antiquary, he did not even think to engage in jewelry business. However, Bulgaris heard rumors about the success of the jewelry schools in Paris and New York from all sides, so the fateful decision was made to change specialization and start producing items made of precious materials.

After the Sotirios death, his sons took charge of Bvlgari. While waiting through uneasy wartime, they came up with an idea to produce jewelry with unusual color combinations, both from precious and semi-precious materials, focusing on natural motives and geometry. That is how first bright flower brooches and necklaces appeared in the Bvlgari shop windows.

The Bvlgari brand has gained huge popularity thanks to the cinema. In the famous pictures, famous actresses wore Bvlgari jewelries and it was really hard not to notice them. Admirers of the brand were Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor was the main muse of the brand for a very long time. Elizabeth Taylor still remains the main character in modern collections Muse and Diva. 

Nowadays Bvlgari is famous with its distinctive techniques and methods. For example, brand jewelers came up with special flexible bracelets, that do not require soldering, and also “modular jewelry”, which can be independently connected in a different way. The company also believes that the value of jewelry does not so much depend on the materials as on the result. That is why Bvlgari products are so easily recognizable by their bright colors and unusual shapes.

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The owners of the company claim that the main object from Bvlgari is traditionally considered to be a necklace. The second most popular is a bracelet, and after - a brooch. As for other areas of the company, the Bvlgari watches have also gained tremendous popularity. Premium Swiss watches with jewelry elements have been keeping the highest quality standards for many years and, year after year, have formed a common collection of 11 models.

The peculiarity of writing brand Bvlgari - a return to basics and a desire to respect their roots. The fact is that in the Roman letter there were no round letters, they all had an even shape. For this reason, the familiar letter “u” was previously written only as “v”.

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