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Five interesting facts about Macallan scotch.

Macallan scotch whiskey is one of the top selling single malt whiskeys around the world and this brand has been manufacturing different varieties of incredible products over the years. The Macallan brand produces high quality products of different ages and products aging from 12 to 40 years.

Macallan scotch whiskey is undoubtedly one of the greatest liquor brands and we are all fond of their collection of the finest liquor products. If you are a Macallan scotch lover, a party, an event, or a vacation without this drink is unimaginable. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about Macallan scotch whiskey.

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Buy Macallan scotch on BitdialsThe Brand Name

There are numerous theories explaining why the name Macallan was chosen for this brand of whiskey. One of the most popular explanations is that the name Macallan originated from the words and Ellen of the Gallic Language. The word Magh refers to a fertile portion of land and Ellen means of Saint Fillians. Over the years both the words become anglicized and the word, Macallan came into existence.

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The Myth

The Macallan brand gained license and started production by the year 1821. It is said that the Macallan brand had four owners since its beginning to maintain the quality of the product. Roderick Kemp owned the brand from 1892 to 1909 and residents of Easter Elchies are convinced that he still around the distillery.

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Many distilleries use American oak instead of the traditional sherry cask for whiskeys; however, Macallan still uses sherry casks to import its whiskeys. The elegance of sherry casks was not intentional; they were the only available casks for transporting the whiskey when the brand started production. It was later discovered that sherry casks added new flavors and colors to the whiskey.

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Fishing Spot

The Macallan estate located on the River Spey is the perfect spot for salmon fishing during the months February to September. The fast moving waters of the rivers offer you a challenging location for fishing.

The Rare Packaging

Surprisingly, only one percent of 250,000 casks manufactured at the distillery are used for the production of Macallan rare cask. The deep color, rich and spicy flavor, are a result of the combined use of American and Spanish oak casks.

Source: Country Wine Spirits

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