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Vacheron Constantin. Quest for precision.

 "Do better if possible, and that is always possible"

François Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest Swiss watch companies, producing premium watches. This is a watch brand and the only watch house that permanently continues production from the date of its registration, while some other brands, no less famous and old, went bankrupt and suspended work for several reasons.

On September 17, 1755 in Geneva (Switzerland), in one of the notary offices, an agreement was signed on hiring a new employee. It was confirmed by the young watchmaker Jean-Mark Vacheron. The registration of the contract in 1755 was the first mention of the founding of the watch brand “Vacheron”.

In 1819, businessman Francois Constantin joined Jean-Marc Vacheron. Since then, the watch brand has become known as Vacheron & Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin manufactures flawless classic functional watches of the luxury and superpremium segment. To date, there is only one ultra-premium watch brand that provides the Bespoke / Tailor-made service (at any client's request).

famous models from vacheron constantin

Famous and limited collections and models.

1. In 2015, in honor of its 260th anniversary, the manufactory produced the most sophisticated wristwatches ever existed in the world. The development and production of the model Reference 57260 took eight years. The unique and multifunctional accessory proved once again that there are no limits in watchmaking for Vacheron Constantin.

2. Tour de L'Ile is considered to be the most complex watch in the world. In addition, experts have listed this watch in the class Super Complication.

3. Among the exclusive Vasheron Constantin products, which have no analogues in the world, we can also mention the L'ESPRIT DES CABINOTIERS table clock, dedicated to the watchmakers of the XVIII century. Made in a single copy.

Source: Vacheron Constantin