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Top 6 Jewelry that every woman must have!

Even if you are not a fan of jewelry and do not have a huge collection, some of them must necessarily be in woman's home collection.

Jewelry helps to feel like a woman - beloved, beautiful, adored, so it is very important to have at least several versions of this small and beautiful female weapon.

So, what kind of jewelry should every woman have?

A Ring with a Diamond

ring with diamonds

A diamond is a precious stone that everyone likes. It has a special energy, better aesthetic and physical characteristics, special brilliance and high hardness, due to which this mineral is deservedly recognized as the king of all stones. The ring with a diamond attracts everyone's eyes, and every woman deserves to have such an adornment.

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Pearls Jewelry

"Pearls are always right"
Coco Chanel

pearls jewelry

Pearls are considered the elixir of eternity and youth, prosperity and well-being.

This decoration is suitable for all women. It fits any style of clothing and is appropriate in any circumstances. Pearl jewelry never goes out of fashion.

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A Bracelet


What can better emphasize the beauty and elegance of women's hands, how not a bracelet? This ornament is known since antiquity, and today it also does not lose its popularity. Some people like to wear bracelets at once for several pieces, others prefer to be faithful to one and only favorite decoration.

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Gold Chain

gold chain

One of the "ageless" and desired jewelry is the women's gold chains.It is a great way to emphasize the beauty of the neck and décolleté zone. They can be worn without taking off.

They are suitable for both solemn and everyday image. Depending on the weaving and size, there are products that are suitable for a lady of any age and taste preferences.

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Wedding Ring

wedding rings

A wedding ring is not just a decoration. This is an ornament with a meaning.

A symbol of eternal love, the humble wedding ring has been about for years, older than any of us and still as important as ever.

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No matter how the fashion for jewelry changes, gold earrings are a classic.

Perhaps the most popular decoration is gold earrings with stones, especially the dream of all women - earrings with diamonds. But do not get hung up on this jewelry. There are other beautiful stones: sapphire, pearls, amethyst, emerald, ruby, topaz.

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