The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Breguet.

The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Breguet.

Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris established this luxury watchmaking company in 1775. One of the oldest in the timepiece business, Breguet pioneered several technologies that have proven to be crucial in the world of timepieces. One of them is the tourbillon escapement, which Breguet invented. The company also produced the first wristwatch in 1810. It is now owned by Swatch.

Breguet watches are easily recognizable by its coin-edge cases and the Breguet hands made of guilloche dials and blue pomme hands. The inventions and innovativeness have led observers to dub him as the “father of watchmaking.” And he has created a number of great watches.

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Buy Breguet with Crypto on BitDialsClassique Complications 1907

One of the rarest and oddest watches in Breguet’s current lineup is the reference 1907. It’s rare for well-established watchmakers to continue making pocket watches as no one really wears them. Breguet’s “Grande Complication” pocket watch features a tourbillon and a sonnerie/minute repeater setup. This means the watch will chime the hours and quarter hours by itself, and the minute repeater can be used whenever you wish. 

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Buy BREGUET CLASSIQUE COMPLICATIONS with Bitcoin on BitDialsClassique Complications 3797

The Classique Complications 3797 is one of Breguet’s finest watches. As it’s a tourbillon perpetual calendar, it’s also a pretty complicated piece. They make a skeletonised version of this watch, the reference 3795.

The 3797 fills in the dial with lots of lovely guillochê, and the parts of the movement that are exposed are exquisite. The most attractive parts are the sapphire crystal disk with the minutes display on and the cutout for the leap year indicator, which is itself a disk with a blue dot on held within the months indicator. The tourbillon powering it all only sweetens the deal.

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Breguet LA MUSICALE 7800 on BitDialsClassique La Musicale

There are three versions of the Classique La Musicale, they’re all awesome. The La Musicale is an automatically wound wristwatch that has a music box built into it. The underside of the central dial section has pins that pluck the comb of the musical system.

The watch movement has a solid gold shroud to resonate louder and seal the movement away, this allows the actual case of the watch to have vents in the back to allow the sound to escape while also keeping the movement dry. These watches are enormous at 48mm, but they’re unique. Breguet invented a new magnetic governor for the musical system as well.

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Buy original watches with Crypto on BitDialsTradition 7077

The Tradition 7077 chronograph is one of Breguet’s finest watches. Featuring the classic Tradition dial setup (inspired by the works of Abraham-Louis Breguet himself), the Tradition 7077 features an unusual chronograph setup. Typically, a chronograph is bolted onto a base movement and runs off of the power supplied by the movement’s mainspring barrel, and the existing escapement assembly also provides the accuracy. In this, these two are separate.

The primary time movement uses a 4Hz balance wheel, while the chronograph has its own 5Hz balance wheel. This allows it to be very accurate while not affecting the accuracy of the main movement either. The minute indicator is a retrograde one as well, and while it only goes up to 20 minutes, this watch is still in another world of coolness.

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Reine de Naples Haute Joaillerie

The stunning 18-carat rose gold Reine de Naples Haute Joaillerie, Ref. 8909 with an exquisite bracelet set with diamonds and rubies. The bezel and caseband are set with 86 baguette diamonds. The flange is set with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds. The exquisite crown is set with a briolette diamond. The 18-carat gold dial is hand-guillochéd and pavéd with 67 brilliant-cut diamonds, and framed in the warmth of Tahitian mother-of-pearl with a moonphase at 12 o'clock.

Turning the timepiece over, a sapphire-crystal display back allows reveals a beautifully finished, 26-jewel Calibre 537DRL2 automatic movement with an engine-turned platinum rotor.

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