New Year 2020 Crypto Shopping Guide for Filthy Rich Hodlers

By Henry Linver
DEC 28, 2019
Bitdials mention on Cointelegraph

A new year heralds the opportunity for a new beginning. The start of a new life cycle. As the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, the year 2019 will be dealt a fatal blow by old father time, a cold-hearted act of destruction that would inspire Thanos himself. 

 Soon, all that will remain of 2019 will be a handful of dust. For many cultures around the world, the New Year is a time celebrated with gifts. Here’s how anyone can spend their crypto like an oligarch this festive season. 

Luxury goods

So, you’ve bought Bitcoin, managed to prevail the treacherous waters of the international crypto markets, and the only thing left now is to spend it like a high roller. 

You might be worth $10 million, but what good is that if you are still sitting in your stained ironic t-shirt and moth-eaten boxer shorts? Your home office might be the domain from which you wield your fearsome financial power, but out there in the real world, appearances count. What’s the point of making fast money if you can’t dress like someone who just discovered an oil reserve in their backyard?

...For those looking to splurge on more than just expensive threads, some retailers are more than willing to relieve investors of their Bitcoin in exchange for luxury goods. BitDials claims to be the world’s first Bitcoin-only luxury boutique. From this single website, the hotshots of the Bitcoin world can buy a Rolex Yacht-Master II at a discounted price of only 5.55 BTC (about $36,500). 

When it comes to flashing the cash, it’s common knowledge that watches are entry level. One could have an average annual salary’s worth of watch glittering on their wrist, but nobody will take that person seriously if they turn up in a battered station wagon. 

Nothing says small endowment, high net worth like a grossly overpriced car. Coincidentally, the Bitdials luxury goods empire emcompasses BitCars, where big players can splurge on Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and more. Come Jan. 1, it’ll be time to step up the car game  ⁠— from 42 BTC to 200 BTC a pop ⁠— and ride into 2020 in style. 

New Year is the perfect time to turn one’s life into a pastiche of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.” Fortunately, it is becoming easier than ever to display wealth and bad taste all at the same time. From cars to wristwatches, crypto can be used to become a target most petty criminals could previously only dream of.