Be ultimate in style and luxury.


The result is the world’s first crypto-only luxury boutique. A closed trading platform for exclusive watches and jewellery that accepts Bitcoin as a digital payment method.

The best way to describe the start of the unique BitDials story is probably with the phrase “making a virtue out of necessity”. The focus is on two partners who could not be more different. But from the very beginning, what binds them together is a love of exclusive watches.

An early adopter of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was seeking a retailer that accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment. On an online marketplace for luxury watches, he eventually encounters a conventional watch retailer who has been firmly and successfully established on the watch market since 1999. His belief in the timeless and absolute value of watches and his wealth of professional experience within the watch market were extremely convincing. But he had never previously heard of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, he fulfilled the most important criteria immediately: he was curious about and open to the idea of digital payment methods and the associated opportunities in general, and Bitcoin in particular. The first step was taken towards creating BitDials.

But the road to founding the world’s first Bitcoin luxury boutique was still a little longer. Discussions were needed regarding the complexity of exchanges and opportunities within the niche markets of cryptocurrency, and the associated opportunities and risks also needed to be talked over and clarified. By the end, however, both parties were in agreement: the digital and future oriented payment method of Bitcoin and analogue luxury watches work well together.

BitDials was founded.

Customer security is however the highest priority for BitDials.

BitDials was initially launched to operate as an open trading platform. But because cryptocurrency transactions are not supervised by any authority, the project soon had to transform into a closed platform with a narrow selection of trusted merchants. This allowed BitDials to focus on the effective monitoring of transaction security and conduct proper due diligence prior to adding new suppliers to the platform.

BitDials acts as an auditor between the buyer and the seller, who oversees the transactions and records all product information, but keeps customer data private. It has developed a structure with which customers can purchase goods in a way that secures private and legally compliant transactions.


Every watch tells a story, and at BitDials, the customers become a part of it.

True to the internal company motto, “first class products require first — class service”, the team at BitDials works very closely with customers. BitDials assumes responsibility for its customers and is associated with excellent quality management.

The company’s retailer network is centrally monitored in order to guarantee security and authenticity. The E - Commerce Company checks its suppliers thoroughly before they are given the opportunity to present their wares on the online portal.

The name BitDials is synonymous with quality watches and therefore serves as a third party auditor between retailers and buyers. New partners are only affiliated after BitDials will design a transparent operating system together with the retailer.

What we Offer.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, and with its logistics department in Germany BitDials is the only global online luxury brand boutique of its kind offering a full range of premium watches, fine jewelry, certified diamonds, gold and automobiles.

We accept payment in a range of cryptocurrencies as well as a full guarantee, fast delivery, and customer service. We are the future – no need to visit the store – for more information please visit