Our way was rocky as we started in 2016 as the first bitcoin-only luxury boutique.
We had a tough time proving our trustworthiness.
Now we are established to that point that we even get copied.

Please watch out guys. 
Just https://www.bitdials.eu is the real deal.

Our social networking:
Instagram: bitdials 
Facebook: BitDials
Twitter: BitDials_eu

Stay safe!


Below is our blacklist of sites that pretend to be BitDials:

1. https://www.bitrichemporium.com/
2. http://with.vc/product/gmt-master-ii/
3. http://www.bitluxuryshop.com/
4. http://cozarai.com/
5. https://bitdials.watch/index.php?id_cms=4&controller=cms
6. https://bitdials.ae/
7. https://bitdials.store/