BitDials,  the world’s first Bitcoin luxury boutique

By Andreas Townsend

BitDials is the world’s first Bitcoin luxury boutique

BitDials is the world’s first Bitcoin luxury boutique, and it was born from the union of traditional watch retailer with the progressive watch lover.

BitDials is a closed trading platform that accepts Bitcoin as a digital payment method. The platform sells exclusive watches and jewelry.

The most impressive features that BitDials boasts include high-security standards, and these are crucial especially when dealing with this kind of merchandise. The Eu Commerce company was created back in 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, and it has been riding a rollercoaster of continuous expansion ever since. Every watch that is displayed by the company was built around its own story and the customer who decides to purchase it automatically becomes a part of that story.

The origins of BitDials

The origins of the company involve two completely different partners that were bonded by the love for exclusive watches. An early Bitcoin adopter was on a quest to find a retailer who accepted the cryptocurrency as a payment method. He encountered the perfect person on an online marketplace for luxury watches, and that person was established on the watch market since back in 1999. This was the point in which tradition and the future of technology intersected.

The watch retailer boasted a massive professional experience on the watch market, but the only downside of it all was that he had never heard of Bitcoin before. Luckily he was curious enough to find out more about the innovative idea of digital, payment and the associated benefits that stem from it. BitBials is the child of future-oriented payment and analog luxury watches.

Security is the company’s main focus

Customer security is BitDials’ primary focus, and at the same time, all payments are completed in Bitcoin. They are not supervised by an authority such as a bank or the state.

This is the reason for which BitDials created a closed trading platform out of the Ec commerce company.

BitDials relies on first-class products and service

The company takes full responsibility for its customers, and it takes pride in excellent quality management. BitDials guarantees the total authenticity of its products and the highest level of security. All suppliers are checked thoroughly, and new partners are affiliated only after they design a transparent operating system together with BitDials.

The company's employees monitor every product that is sold to make sure that the specific luxury item reaches the customer safely. BitDials’ motto is safety first for a good reason.

BitDials luxury boutique was created with a foundation made of love for luxury watches, and its development is based on the success stories associated with all the satisfied customers.

SOURCE: Oracle Times