Bitcoin and Luxury: The Evolving Crypto Luxury Market


However, we are now witnessing an evolving turn in this stirring pot of Bitcoin and luxury, and companies, like BitDials, are noticing. Gone are the days when we’re left with very little options when it comes to purchasing our desired goods. BitDials, the Bitcoin luxury boutique, has created a fantastic option for Bitcoin users to cash-in on their crypto earnings.

With Bitcoin becoming more and more popular, everyone wants to be in the “one-bitcoin club”. The thing about Bitcoin is that it’s been very successful in playing with the human psyche “the more you have them, the fewer they feel” and this urge, to have more and more of them can probably never be satisfied. It’s a brand, like the internet was in the late 1990’s that created great excitement in a small fanatical audience but confusion, indifference and often hostility in the mainstream and establishment.

If lately might you have been, in touch with the world of bitcoin and blockchain the news might have flashed ” the guy who bought Lamborghini with bitcoin” which has now turned into, apparently an urban legend. Now of course with even more development this is something very common and there are so many transactions of this big scale that happen regularly.

Bitcoin has linked itself with very fine goods, from luxury cars to luxury watches. It is now a common practice to buy pricey things with bitcoin because it makes the entire process enjoyable as all the time-consuming processes are skipped when all you want is to sit behind the wheel as soon as possible, cryptocurrency traders have long dreamed and memed of making enough to afford a Lambo. Well now they can – and without needing to cash out.

One interesting thing about the current boom is how, in a few short years, people have moved from initial skepticism and outright derision of cryptocurrencies to enthusiastic acceptance. Right now, many brands are looking to leverage cryptocurrencies to their advantage. Many companies recently declared that they would allow customers to purchase certain menus items using Bitcoin; venerable camera company Kodak announced that it would be rolling out its own cryptocurrency, Kodakcoin. The fact that brands see value in jumping onto the cryptocurrency trend shows that there is real potential in the cryptocurrency market, but it also highlights the considerable challenges.

The nouveau riche family of crypto has its own way of splashing their digital cash. BitDials offers its customers everything from fine watches to fine automobiles. The high-end goods can be paid in cryptocurrency and delivered anywhere. BitDials launched in Frankfurt am Main in the year 2016 and has been growing ever since. It is the world’s first crypto-only luxury boutique. A closed trading platform for exclusive watches, cars and jewellery that accepts Bitcoin as a digital payment method. True to the motto of the company “first-class products require first-class service” the team at BitDials works very closely with its customers to guarantee an incredible buying experience.