bitcoin watches on bitdials

The Blockchain Series on BitDials.

Tech Bureau Europe, one of Japan’s foremost Crypto-Fintech labs, has announced the unveiling of an exclusive online store for crypto-influenced watches in collaboration with Chronoswiss.

Leveraging the blockchain that inspired its creation – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM or COMSA, Chronoswiss’ timepieces all have their digital certificates issued on the blockchain making every purchase secure and tamperproof.

These exclusive timepieces have been produced with the highest attention to details, backed by a rich tradition and exquisite craftsmanship. Each timepiece has a unique figure cut into the wrist to reflect its authenticity and assure owners of the highest level of quality.

Each watch details in the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series, including the serial number and the warranty period, will be duly registered registered on LuxTag’s blockchain platform. LuxTag is a NEM-based service provider leveraging the cutting-edge refinements of the blockchain to combat theft and counterfeit.

It has been around the block since Genesis and is the origin of the Blockchain Series. A masterpiece down to the core. Proved by work and worth every Satoshi. Hodl on for a brighter tomorrow.

The NEM logo is encircled by a classic design and proves the importance of its colors. Second after second is harvested by the turning sickle. Growth is catapulted by every follow up nano second.

Surrounded by blue, the Ethereum logo stands out under the seconds hand. An off-center display, transparent case back and luxurious Hornback crocodile strap. A fine and gorgeous product is the ultimate result of this unique composition of parts. Be smart and close the contract around the wrist.

Different tokens merge and melt together in one swap and the colors on the dial echo this fusion. Simple, functional and innovative are just a few of the many words to describe the COMSA design. Get all these attributes in one stop.

ZAIF is designed in beautiful colors and stands apart from the rest. Elegance, efficiency and simplicity lead the way forward, as it does with ZAIF.