The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Kerbedanz.

The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Kerbedanz.

«Giving sense to the beauty», this is the vision of the KERBEDANZ, located in the capital of the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. This is achieved by combining the symbolisms, a path as yet unexplored in a traditional Swiss watchmaking industry. This unusual approach differentiates it from everything that is done in the area of high watchmaking of mechanical obedience.

Having already designed and manufactured more than a hundred models for MIP, these Most Important People who are statesmen or first class personalities, whatever are their areas of influence, it is on the way of unique pieces and ultra limited series that KERBEDANZ brand explores the history of civilization. The historical universes where jostle cultural and geographical allusions, peculiarities which are locally circumscribed to their original cradles or, conversely, globally universal. As a result, this rare and precious timepieces turn into concentrates of initiatory journey.

Let's discover the most exquisite watches from Kerbedanz!

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A'Ghrian, symbolism and luminosity in a limited series

In Gaelic, the term A'ghrian refers to the sun, which is female in this language. No wonder, then, that the metaphors used to describe this timepiece tend to be filled with femininity, Celtic musicality, and mysticism.

The exclusive hand-crafted three-layer laminated dial and movements are created, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz. The hand-wound tourbillon caliber KRB-01 was designed, built and decorated by the brand and the movement manufacturer Technotime. It features 27 jewels, 28,800 oscillations per hour, a double spring barrel and 120 hours of power reserve. The tourbillon cage is located in the southwest, between 7 and 8 o'clock, in the axis of the crown, located between 1 and 2 o'clock. This is in the northeast, where the sun comes up in the northern hemisphere, depending on the time of year.

The A'ghrian timekeeper is the first of a limited and numbered series. It's 43-millimeter case, cut out of 18-karat white gold, features a number of secret – or only discreetly visible – visual references to the sun.

The watch comes on an alligator Mississippiensis leather strap with a Kerbedanz personalized folding, and a "Birth Book."

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Buy Kerbedanz 3 Horses with Bitcoin 3 HORSES

As a universal symbol, horses have been a recurrent subject for brands and watch designers.

Kerbedanz evoke universes which are unexplored by traditional watchmaking. Thus, the brand has chosen to represent three horses torsos, which seem to be galloping, alive and in relief. The horses’ expressions are enhanced by the visibility of the mechanical tourbillon calibre with a sapphire plate.

The timepiece is powered by a mechanical hand-wound tourbillon KRB-02 calibre, with hours and minutes designed, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz and Concepto. The watch beats at a frequency of 21,600 vib/h, while enjoying a 72-hours power reserve.

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Buy Maximus with Bitcoin on BitDials MAXIMUS

Kerbedanz unveils Maximus, an oversized central flying tourbillon with no less than a 27mm-diameter cage! Kerbedanz claims it is the largest tourbillon ever to be fit into a wristwatch.

Kerbedanz demonstrates here all its watchmaking mastery: development and production of a special balance spring, a rack with a screw for fine adjustment, and a new balance wheel. The titanium tourbillon cage boasts a 27mm diameter - almost double ones usually used throughout the industry - and weighs only 1,35g. It rotates in 6 minutes instead of the regular 60 seconds. Another rarity is the position of the complication, which holds center stage completely. The languid giant offers itself leisurely to the viewer. It creates a never-ending ballet of wheels, levers and escapement with an unprecedented clarity that is truly mesmerizing.

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KERBEDANZ has given this magnificent piece of jewelery that represents your watch, the name «GOLF» - the terms golf, colf, kolf and chole which were the names for a variety of medieval “stick and ball” games in Britain and in continental Europe.

They are all clearly derived from a common word in a pre-modern European language, following Grimm’s grammatical law that details the clear phonetic similarities of these words.

So golf, the game, the implement and the golfing society are all derived from the same etymological origin, meaning club.

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Buy luxury watches with Bitcoin on BitDials POLVS ARCTICUS

KERBEDANZ gave this extraordinary unique masterpiece of traditional horology, the Latin name for "Polvs Arcticus" in homage to the erudite astronomers of past centuries, creators of navigation instruments of refined precision.

This unique piece in solid white gold, animated by a mechanical double tourbillon movement, visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, wears a solid gold dial exceptional dial. It is decorated with marine navigation patterns, representing a navigation compass and a galleon from the time of “the great discoveries” and two amazing hemispheres covering the cages of two tourbillons.

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 Buy Kerbedanz with Bitcoin on BitDials QUINTUM

The Quintum minute repeater draws its origins from the ancient Chinese civilisation and represents the five elements or the four cardinal points seen from the Earth: the water in the north, represented by the turtle enlaced by the black snake; the metal to the west, represented by the white celestial tiger; the fire in the south, figured by the Chinese red phoenix or the red bird vermilion; the wood in the east, represented by the blue-green or turquoise dragon; and finally the Earth in the center, represented by the yellow unicorn or Qi-Lin, a kind of chimera.

Quintum comes in a 45 mm polished and satin-finished 18-carat rose gold case. On the dial made from solid rose gold in two-layers are visual animations with the movements of the leg of Qi-Lin, the wings of the vermilion bird and the oscillations of the turtle enlaced by the snake. The case as well as the dial are designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.

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