The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Jaquet Droz.

The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Jaquet Droz.

The Jaquet Droz Philosophy of the Unique is curated from a blend of perpetual creativity, a reach for excellence, and a supreme exclusivity.

The story of Pierre Jaquet Droz and his sons is one of the most moving in the history of Horology. Born in 1721, Pierre Jaquet Droz, master of time in the Age of Enlightenment – mechanical genius, avant-garde creator of jewellery watchmaking and composer of poetry and dreams – is one of the most fascinating figures of the period.

Pierre Jaquet Droz was always at the forefront of developments in watchmaking, creating, for a clientele of connoisseurs, limited series that were seen as true artistic masterpieces. His ingenuity and talent were recognised throughout the world and applauded by all the Courts of Europe, Russia and even China. 

Each Jaquet Droz watch, such as the Grande Second, and Automata, is complete with artistic design cutting-edge horological mechanisms.

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Dark and intense, the off-centred chronograph takes a plunge into the void. 

Perfectly balanced, the Grande Seconde Off-Centered Chronograph is a modern interpretation of the famous “8” traced out by its ancestor, the Grande Seconde, almost three centuries ago. Its new onyx dial provides a blank canvas on which to project one’s imagination. Nocturnal magic, the Greeks saw in onyx the imprint of the body of Venus and considered it the symbol of love. Twenty centuries later, Jaquet Droz offers a unique interpretation over which time glides—and out of which each of us tell a story.

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Poetry in motion staged against a rare mineral backdrop made from Chinchilla Red petrified wood.

Jaquet Droz released another interpretation of its automaton, “Loving Butterfly,” this time with a dial made from a rare form of prehistoric petrified wood, a warm autumnal stage for the fascinating performance that takes place under the sapphire crystal.

Honouring Jaquet Droz’s spellbinding automata of the past, a mechanism allows the wings of the butterfly to flutter and the wheels of the chariot to turn. This latest iteration features a mineral dial made of Chinchilla Red, a wood that was petrified 150 million years ago in the forests of Australia.

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Petite Heure Minute Relief BuffaloPetite Heure Minute Relief Buffalo

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor chose the animals in the 12-year zodiac cycle based on a race. The ox is portrayed carrying a rat on its back, which is ultimately how the rat won the race.

Since then, the ox has represented attributes like perseverance and reliability — the same values that unite China and Jaquet Droz. The ox has a reputation for staying the course in the face of adversity, powering through and remaining rational. With strong calm and persistence, children born under the sign of the ox are known for their honest and hard work. For women, the ox symbolizes perseverance and the importance of education and keeping the family together.

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The Tropical Bird Repeater – the only one of its kind in the world – brings together all the watchmaking and decorative expertise of the brand known by its two stars.

Automatons, along with the Ateliers d’Art, represent two of the eight codes of the La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacture, enhanced here by hand by engravers and miniaturist painters. These codes are indispensable to the creation of this scene with its flamboyant colors that emerge like a lush oasis on a mother-of-pearl dial, itself enclosed in a gold case adorned on the sides of its lugs and on the middle band with an animal motif hand-engraved by the brand’s craftsmen.

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