The Most Exclusive Timepieces: HYT.

The Most Exclusive Timepieces: HYT.

HYT watches are the glorious creations of extreme alchemists.

HYT wristwatches are crafted by Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers who love to explore the limits of timepiece construction. HYT watches feature liquid within the dials which adds to its watchmaking accolades as astounding pieces of mechanical engineering.

March 2021: HYT filed for bankruptcy.
The company was unable to raise the capital it needed, “due to a blockade by institutional shareholders” according to a letter published on the Watchuseek forum and written by the chairman, Patrick Berdoz, and the managing director, Michel Nieto.

It's time to get to know the most amazing HYT creations.

HYT watchmakers were intent on delivering nonconformist pieces, exceeding all expectations with their results. From robust, durable casings to skeletonized styles, this watch collection is sure to pique your interest. 

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A fully linear portrayal of time...

In the conventional sense, there is no midday and there are no hands. The H3 is reinventing the wrist watch with its case measuring 62 x 41 mm. Its bespoke shaped movement is a perfect fit for each contour. HYT and its partners have succeeded in creating a timepiece with a highly complex architecture. One of the main challenges lay in machining the case and the sapphire crystal. When it came to the movement, one of the most delicate steps in creating the H3 involved recovering the energy provided in the retrograde movement, which then powered the semi-instantaneous rotation of the watch's dial.

Its construction was initially inspired by the desire to have a linear portrayal of time, which resulted in a design with the bellows at opposite ends. The movement engineering teams then worked around this constraint – which became the stylistic signature of the H3 – to create the complete calibre.

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Skull 48.8 Present. Haunting. Vital.
Still life is never about life standing still. Just like an element of one of those beautifully haunting paintings, the HYT Skull 48.8 has carpe diem on its mind. This distinctive timepiece continually reminds of the importance of seizing every second. Highlighting time’s passage using liquids, it focuses on the power of the present, the very elixir of life.

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 Illuminated. Stimulated. Polarized.

HYT is driven by the resolution of contradictions. The latest H4 watches further highlight this intrinsic fascination with giving meaning to what is paradoxical. The new coloured watches remain faithful to the brand's common thread by highlighting the power of the past and the future to affect the context and content of the present. At the same time, they bring a remarkable new dimension to the combined energy of the two opposites that give rise to potential controversy - light and liquid - with the smallest dynamo ever invented, for which a patent has been filed.
There is a moment of tension when creativity brilliantly solves a puzzle; the new H4s were born from such a moment.

HYT is a master at organizing direct encounters between art and science, uniting the world of watchmaking and fluidics by displaying the passage of time through immiscible liquids. H4 takes root on this foundation to explore the tensions between day and night, aware that the passage of time never stops. The illumination comes from the first mechanical source ever designed for a complication of fine watchmaking. The exploration of new territories in the field of miniaturization and component curvature has led to the internal development of a micro-generator, which allows light to be supplied from two LEDs, without any batteries or electronic components. 

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Sophisticated. Self-Assured. Sleek.

Gold is the perfect commodity to share the intrinsic HYT fascination with time’s fluidity. Born of a harmonious union of tradition and modernity, the H0 Gold celebrates this precious metal’s immaculate journey from the jewels of antiquity, to unsurpassed energy conduction in the digital age. Archaeology meets the laboratory in a watch design that states self-confidence, offering wearers a clear perspective on exactly where they are, right now.

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