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Legendary watches: famous models with a great history. Rolex.

Of the thousands of watches that appear on the market every year, few remain in collections for one to two decades. Historical epochs are experiencing several units, and these units are really beautiful - these are the legends of horology.

Rolex, Oyster Perpetual 1931

Until 1931, the watch Oyster Perpetual  was taken quite a modest place in the Rolex collection. Alas, this is true, although in 1931, when there appeared models with this name, they were noted in the brand history as a serious achievement: Rolex developed the first reliable, efficient, practical and technological self-winding system with a central rotor ,which rotate without stops and in both directions.

The watch in a certain sense turned out to be "always going", of course, if you do not forget to put it on, that's why the rotor and the model itself were called "perpetual".

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During the update of the Oyster Perpetual line, the creators returned to the style of those first hours of the 1931 model. First of all, they are distinguished by smooth flat rims and dials of unusually laconic design, which distinguishes new models from standard Rolex products. This is especially noticeable in female models.