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Legendary watches: famous models with a great history. Blancpain.

Of the thousands of watches that appear on the market every year, few remain in collections for one to two decades. Historical epochs are experiencing several units, and these units are really beautiful - these are the legends of horology.

Blancpain, Fifty Fathoms 1953

The brightest pages of Blancpain history  are associated with the diving watch Fifty Fathoms. Jean-Jacques Fichter, the general director of the company (1950 - 1980), was friends with Jacques-Yves Cousteau and was so carried away by scuba diving that he enthusiastically took up the development of professional water-resistant watches.

Now they are  perceived as a standard for diving watches and a compulsory  exemplar in any serious collection of military and technical watches.

Initially, Fifty Fathoms were produced in two versions - militaristic and civil, both of which Blancpain produced until the 1970s, and in 1997 the Fifty Fathoms collection was re-released as a luxury diver's watch.