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Futuristic Urwerk.

The watch brand Urwerk is one of the most young and creative watch brands. It was born only in 1995, but already managed to win the hearts of many fans around the world.

The company was founded by two brothers, Thomas and Felix Bomgartner, who, together with the successful designer Martin Frey, began to produce non-standard and completely unique Urwerk watches.

Now the company's production facilities are located in Geneva. It is there that fundamentally new collections of luxury and expensive watches are being worked out and produced annually, among which are the 110 collection, 103 collection, 103T collection, 200 collection, and LAB. Each of these collections is unique and inimitable, each has its own style and history.

So, for example, the first model Urwerk 102 was created thanks to the legendary “Star Wars”, but the watch 101, released in 1997, was dedicated to the first artificial satellite of the Earth, launched 40 years earlier.

Urwerk 103T on BitDialsCollection 103, in turn, appeared in 2003. It has become the most vivid reflection of the brand concept, which is used in our time. The Urwerk UR-103 Hexagone watch case looks like a racing car hood, and the next collection 103T looks like a tarantula.

Urwerk 110 on BitDialsAs for the modern achievements of the company Urwerk, then they are pleasantly pleased with their design and design features. For example, the designer watch UR-110 resembles a planetary satellite, equipped with three interconnected modules.

In general, in the arsenal of the brand there are still many interesting developments that will find their supporters among fans of the futuristic or avant-garde style.

Source: Urwerk

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