Desert Flowers: Cactus de Cartier Collection.

Desert Flowers: Cactus de Cartier Collection.

With their shapes and movements, the latest pieces from the collection capture an independent spirit and style.

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Cactus de Cartier Reveals The Sheer Beauty Of Life.

Did you know that cacti occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and that most species live in some of the world’s most extreme habitats, subject to harsh weather conditions?

It might be seem odd to use cacti as a main source of inspiration for a stunning jewelry collection, but Cartier wanted to reveal the secret beauty of these spiny plants, that can only be admired from afar, through a few new extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

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Cactus de Cartier is an enchanting sculptural jewelry collection, filled with generous volumes and cool geometric structures.

As you can see from these photos, gold domes illuminated by precious dew drops, and corollas of radiant diamonds or freshly faceted precious stones reveal the sheer beauty of cacti in the most precious way possible.

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