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Atelier STOESS. A story in four generations.

Jewelry Stoess is in family hand since its foundation in 1886. Traditionally, the craft is passed from father to son from generation to generation.

Currently running the fourth generation, the company is constantly expanding its position as one of the leading jewelers in Germany and Europe.

The in-house studios form the basis of success. Here goldsmiths, watchmakers, designers and gemmologists work masterly hand in hand.

Other guarantees of success are world trade relations.

The company has its own brokers on the most important diamond exchanges in New York, Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Bombay.

The renowned brand representatives of fine watches and jewels offer the discerning customer the right product for every occasion and taste.

The Wiesbaden jeweler relies on imaginative, luxurious creations from the in-house design and goldsmith's studio, offers best pre- and after-sales service for jewelry and watches and leads a  selection of internationally renowned brands.

First generation: from 1886 to 1925

Wilhelm Stoess founded the STOESS studio in 1886 in Berlin Friedrichstrasse, near Unter den Linden. He returned to the capital of Germany after a 10-year creative career in Parisian jewelry studios. Among his clients was Tsar Nicholas II from St. Petersburg. Coming out of the studio, he went to European casinos to offer his creations on the spot to happier players.

The second generation: from 1925 to 1962

Walter Stoess continues to manage STOESS with a vision and business spirit. During the Second World War, when he did not want to join the National Socialist Party, despite repeated requests, forced closure was caused. He was fortunate enough to protect his possessions from the Russian military access. A successful new beginning in Wilhelmstraße in Wiesbaden in 1946 led the company to a new era. First of all, there were new customers, soldiers from the deployed American armed forces. Engagement rings and wedding rings were the main business in the first years after the war.The years of reconstruction were difficult and, for obvious reasons, citizens wanted to buy anything but watches and jewelry.

Third generation: from 1962 to 2002

With Wolfgang Stoess, the third generation joined STOESS. He gained his masterful experience at the Pforzheim Goldsmith and École des Beaux-Arts schools in Paris. He makes important contacts with Swiss jewelers and creates the basis for the company's further development. The premises in Wilhelmstraße in Wiesbaden under his leadership are undergoing two major extensions in 1986 and 1999.Fourth generation: since 2002
With Wolfgang Alexander Stoess, the fourth generation joins STOESS in 2002. He completed his studies as a jeweler - like his grandfather - at the famous Hanau Academy of Drawing. In addition to a diamond expert and graduate gemologist, he also receives diploma design jewelry from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York. During the semester abroad, he works with leading jewelers on the Bahnhofstrasse Zurich and rue du Rhône in Geneva. Here he learns to meet the requirements of an international clientele.