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Legendary watches: famous models with a great history. Omega.

Of the thousands of watches that appear on the market every year, few remain in collections for one to two decades. Historical epochs are experiencing several units, and these units are really beautiful - these are the legends of horology.

Omega, Speedmaster 1957

In 1957, Omega released the now-famous trio of technical watches - Speedmaster, Seamaster and Railmaster. The idea was to develop precision models of technical direction, designed, respectively, for racing drivers, divers and engineers.

With the Speedmaster watch, history played a good joke:watches for motorists turned into watches for astronauts, and then, since 1975, in watches for cosmonaut.

NASA chose "speedmasters" for a reason - the 1957 model watch is really considered one of the best representatives of this kind of products for the entire XX century. So it's not for nothing that this year the reissue of the famous 1957 model was released, but already on the basis of the company's automatic mechanism with the co-axial move of the last generation.