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Which brand is more prestigious, TAG Heuer or Breitling?

To your average layman, TAG Heuer is at the same level as Breitling in terms of prestige. However, that is not necessarily the opinion shared by every serious horophile and watch geek out there. Most well-versed watch collectors would say that Breitling is a more respected and prestigious watchmaker and hold Breitling as a brand, to a higher standard than TAG Heuer. There are always those collectors that would swear by Breitling but still own a TAG Monaco or a Carrera Heuer 01 in his or her collection.

Many collectors would argue that TAG Heuer needs to swim more up-market to be at the same level as Breitling. TAG Heuer has recently made moves to do so with the introduction of the Carrera Caliber Heuer 02T Tourbillon, hailed as the most affordable tourbillon watch from a respected brand. It's certainly a great start. Let's see where that takes them. Perhaps they will roll out some other high complication watches to attain an even more prestigious status than they have now. Read more...

Source: WatchTime

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Image source: WatchTime