Wellendorf Jewelry. From Love. The Best.

Wellendorf Jewelry. From Love. The Best.

Wellendorff was founded in 1893 by Ernst Alexander Wellendorff in Pforzheim, Germany and originally created jewelry for the European royal families. Today, the company is run by his great grandchildren but the same standards are still in place - top quality, exceptional design and silky soft feel. 

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Buy Wellendorff rope with Bitcoin on BitDials!Wellendorff is best known for its handmade gold “rope” necklaces, in which gold feels as smooth as silk. The secret of this smoothness is perfect craftsmanship: each necklace is woven by hand from a waver-thin 18 carat strand of gold.

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Buy Wellendorff rings with Bitcoin on BitDials!Further classics include the Wellendorff rings, which, with their colour Wellendorff enamel designs, creative patterns, ornamentation and diamonds, have proven to be real eye-catchers. The inner rings of these pieces of jewellery can be playfully turned around and are further evidence of the outstanding craftsmanship of the Wellendorff

Each individual jewel is signed with the company’s logo, a diamondstudded “W”. A sign that speaks for the spirit of the jewellery-making and the extraordinary creativity that lies behind each piece of jewellery.


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