Welcome to the World of DeWitt Timepieces!

Welcome to the World of DeWitt Timepieces!

"Owning a DeWitt watch means owning a Napoléon watch"


Launched in 2003, Swiss luxury watch bran, DeWitt has already positioned itself amongst the luxury watch worlds best. The company makes many references to the ancestral link between their founder and Napoléon Bonaparte.

Buy DeWitt watches with Bitcoin on BitDialsWith 3 patents in only a couple of years, 2 award-winning concept watches and the first entirely in house-mad complicated regulator movement integrating a Tourbillon, Dewitt is establishing itself as a horological force to be reckoned with. Precise and inventive, DeWitt watches are also very exclusive, creating models in very small quantities. A modern luxury watch brand to watch.

Discover DeWitt timpieces on BitDials!Owning a DeWitt watch means entering a world of dignity, tradition and beauty.

I like beauty, it is my education. Most of the objects I have inherited come from the past and I am lucky to count amongst them some items that are classified as exclusively beautiful”. JÉRÔME DE WITT

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