The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Urwerk.

The Most Exclusive Timepieces: Urwerk.

URWERK is founded in 1997 with one goal: to design and craft haute horlogerie timepieces blending tradition with futuristic vision.

"URWERK" has its origins far from Switzerland, in the town of UR in Mesopotamia, the very first place where our perception of time was molded. While WERK means to work, create, evolve, shape, forge and to arouse emotions, in German.

With production of 150 watches a year, URWERK is an artisan brand where traditional skills and avant-garde design go together in the best of all possible worlds. URWERK creates complex, contemporary timepieces unlike any other that meet the most exacting standards in Fine Watchmaking: independent research and creation, cutting-edge materials and hand-finishing.

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URWERK Clockwork Orange on BitDials Clockwork Orange

What characterises the URWERK UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange is its specific display that created the success of the brand for almost 20 years: the satellite complication. No hands, no jumping discs, no retrograde gauge… URWERK has something unique in its display. The hour satellite disk orbits along the arched minute track. Once the hour has elapsed, the satellite – guided by a Geneva cross – rotates and continues around its orbit for another three hours before returning to the center stage. In the mean time, a next satellite has arrived next to the arched minute track and will be indicating time for the next hour.

Turning the piece over, the back of the URWERK UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange reveals a classical feature of URWERK: the turbines. For URWERK timepieces this means that the movement is automatic and that it features the typical URWERK winding selector. 

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URWERK UR-T8 Bicolor on BitDials UR-T8 BICOLOR

The UR-T8 is a new version of URWERK’s trademark wandering-hour indication – the most intuitive way of telling time. It is the biggest and the most elaborate carousel configuration. In addition, you can flip the case over and returns it to protect the time beneath a titanium shield.

The UR-T8, is the first transformable watch. It is the biggest and most elaborate carousel configuration yet applied by URWERK.

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URWERK UR-106 Black PinkUR-106 Black Pink

The UR-106 features the brand's signature satellite hours in a guise never before seen. Three satellite hours wander across the dial to create the most graphic of horological blooms.

Within the UR-106 black pink watch turns a shadowy carousel, encased in gleaming black under an arch of jet-black diamonds. Vivid, shocking pink flares like a firework in the night, focusing the mind on the essential — the hourly milestones of time, as they rotate into position to accomplish their 60-minute patrol.

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Beyond the march of technology, changes in fashion, new functions, new materials; gold is always gold. It’s forever. It’s the metal that lights me up.” The designer’s infatuation for the noblest of materials that lives forever without a stain on its glory is how the UR-105 Raging Gold came to be. A shield of red gold carved in an intriguing pattern serves as the bezel on a titanium case.

Inside the case, we still find the signature display of the brand, with wandering hours. The carousel, which carries the hours in groups of three on four satellite discs, is hidden. It silently and unerringly brings the right hour to the right place at the right time.

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UR-106 Flower PowerUR-106 Flower Power

"We wanted to create a clean, elegant and feminine watch, and I must admit that we found this new challenge quite demanding. But thinking about the remarkable women who have accompanied URWERK from the start made us take the step."

The UR-106 features the brand's signature satellite hours in a guise never before seen. Three satellite hours wander across the dial to create the most graphic of horological blooms.

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