The most exclusive timepieces: Christophe Claret.

The most exclusive timepieces: Christophe Claret.

"In watchmaking, everything has been done, and everything remains to be done."

This is the credo of Christophe Claret which draws its inspiration from heritage and tradition in an effort to reinvent modern watchmaking.

This watchmaker's creations therefore have a level of technicality and innovation that offer a new interpretation of grand complications. Sometimes playful, sometimes with hidden twists, Christophe Claret timepieces bear the emotion of discovery.  The watchmaker's know-how is conveyed through four lines of complications: Traditional, Gaming, Extreme and  Ladies.

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CHRISTOPHE CLARET X-TREM-1 with bitcoin on BitDialsX-TREM-1

X-TREM-1, the first of a new generation of timepieces, represents a major technical and aesthetic accomplishment: a flying tourbillon inclined at a 30° angle, mounted on a three-dimensional curvex titanium mainplate, equipped with a retrograde hours and minutes display system that is radically different from existing watchmaking conventions. Two tiny hollowed steel spheres, isolated within sapphire tubes on the left and right sides of the caseband magically move with no mechanical connection thanks to magnetic fields.

X for Experimental
T for Time
R for Research
E for Engineering
M for Mechanism

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Who’s afraid of the venomous Mamba?
Definitely not Christophe Claret, who has tamed its dangerous beauty, the better to reveal it at the heart of the Maestro Mamba in a 28-piece limited edition. The sinuous, meticulously hand-engraved body of the African snake coils around the movement. Will you be able to resist the mortal enchantment of its bite?

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If there is one thing that the world of Haute Horlogerie and gambling have in common, it is the high stakes. Christophe Claret united them both in his “gaming collection.”

The Baccara focuses on taking on the bank in a card game especially immortalized by James Bond. Christophe Claret got his inspiration for this particular member of the gaming collection when visiting Macao, which is reflected in the watch by a skeletonized dial motive featuring dragons and tigers.

This watch also features a cathedral gong, which chimes every time a shutter opens, revealing a new card for either the player or the bank. This cathedral gong van is seen through a window in the case band. There are also two miniature dice incorporated, allowing you to play an additional game.

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For the very first time, the Christophe Claret Allegro presents a cathedral-style minute repeater with a second time zone indicator, a big date window and day/night indicator. But while it combines some of the finest horological complications in a single piece, it’s purpose is to be a fun watch to use.

This watch wasn’t built to stay at home. It’s a travel-friendly watch that’s meant to be worn proudly on the wrist, and since it measure 45mm wide and 14.1mm thick, it’s bound to attract a few looks. From far away, it’s dual sundials and flame-like hands will probably trick a few poor souls into thinking this is isn’t a very complicated watch, but a clear aperture revealing the movement’s architecture at 6 o’clock will convince them otherwise.

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The romantic and subtly poetic Marguerite watch embodies the essence of feminine watchmaking as conceived by Christophe Claret.

At the heart of this watchmaking fable, two graceful butterflies flit around a daisy whose petals ss overlap in the same way as a real flower. Christophe Claret invites two butterflies in orange Super-LumiNova®, to provide a joyful escort for the passing of time.

The darker one, symbolizing the female, is perched on a daisy petal that rotates every hour. Meanwhile, the lighter one, embodying the male, indicates the minutes. Sitting lightly atop a stem attached to the precious pistil made of rubies, it literally flutters around the white mother-of-pearl dial. 

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