The Kerbedanz. watches. The Heirs of Karabed.

The Kerbedanz watches. The Heirs of Karabed.

Kerbedanz is a marriage of Swiss watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship. Its founder and president, Tigran Kerbedanz, chose the name "Kerbedanz" in honour of his ancestor. "Kerbedanz" has a double meaning and signifies leader and precursor and is in the origin of the surname.

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These two qualifiers are perfectly suitable for Kerbedanz: precursor in the concept and values ​​attached to the product, but also a leader in the sense that its models, unique or in very limited editions, evoke universes which are unexplored by traditional watchmaking.

Kerbedanz literally means “forerunner”. This notion of being a pioneer pervades all aspects of the brand’s identity, from the design stage through to manufacturing and finishing.

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