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Messika Jewelry: A Family Affair.

With celebrity fans trailing behind such as Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner, it is no wonder that Messika has become one of the most sought-after jewelry brands globally.

A game-changer in the world of diamond industry, Valérie Messika made diamonds wearable, stylish with a touch of edgy, rock ‘n’ roll appearance. As the elder daughter of a prominent diamond dealer Andre Messika, Valérie has launched her own fine jewelry brand in 2005 in Paris, specializing in white diamonds set in modern, fluid designs, marrying the worlds of high jewelry and fashion.

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Surrounded by dreamlike gems from a young age, Valérie moved away from diamond trading to concentrate on her passion for design. She was on a mission to find some middle ground between the high jewelry houses on the Place Vendôme and inexpensive brands, at a time when diamonds were perceived as “unattainable and untouchable”.

Her father supported her plan, but set her two principles; not to copy anyone else and only to ever use diamonds.

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Armed with the determination to set Messika apart from other Joaillerie brands, she focused heavily on innovation to create her pieces. Her bestseller: the Skinny Bracelet. Developed in a way to eliminate as much metal (gold) as possible in order to obtain a super flexible bracelet bending, twisting, supple and comfortable. One year and half was necessary to develop the technique which is now patented and exclusive to her brand. Since then, Valérie has gone on to create another successful collection ‘Move’ in 2007 which defined the DNA of her brand. According to her brand’s statistic, one jewelry model from the Move collection is being sold every 30 minutes from one of her 250 stockists around the world!

The 10th anniversary of the brand marked the repositioning of the brand, focusing on High Jewelry pieces setting exquisite and extraordinary diamonds in unique designs to install their reputation next to the institutional houses of the Place Vendome.

Buy Messika with BitcoinIn 2013, they opened their first flagship store at Rue St. Honoré, Paris, another in Kazakhstan and 4 more openings are scheduled by 2017 in the Middle East, including the launch of their first e-commerce site to be expected very soon.

Passion, family and work knit closely amongst the Messika family. She and her husband Jean-Baptiste Sassine who is the head of the business development of the company both live in Paris with their three kids.

Valerie’s motto: “Having time with my family. It’s priceless”.

Source: The eye of jewelry


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