Omega De Ville Tourbillon Master Chronometer.

Introducing: Omega De Ville Tourbillon Master Chronometer.

Omega's impressively technical tourbillon watch, with a stunning movement!

When you think Omega, you’ll probably have in mind iconic watches such as the Speedmaster or the Seamaster – and rightfully so. You might think about James Bond or the Olympic Games. All in all, you’ll often have technicality and sports in mind.

Well, there’s more (much more) to Omega, including complications and chronometry. Remember that Omega had a massive influence on the modern tourbillon watch. And a month ago, the brand reminded that to us, with a new model mixing proper watchmaking, innovation and, something that is quite new, an absolutely superb movement finished the Haute Horlogerie way. We couldn’t wait to see this new Omega De Ville Tourbillon Master Chronometer, and here it is.

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This new De Ville Tourbillon houses what’s certainly the most attractive movement ever made by Omega, alongside the recently revived calibre 321 – but in a different category. If we were expecting Omega to produced a Master Chronometer tourbillon, the big surprise here is the brand moving into haute horlogerie territories.

Visually-speaking, there’s no doubt regarding the pedigree of this new De Ville Tourbillon Master Chronometer. It feels familiar, with a case that is (at first) part of the De Ville family and resembles that of a De Ville Trésor. The case is made of polished 18k Sedna gold, Omega’s proprietary pink gold alloy, with a brushed central container, visible from the sides, in 18K Canopus gold, Omega’s proprietary white gold alloy.

Overall, the design is elegant, relatively discreet and luxurious, as you would expect from such a watch. It has nothing ostentatious, which brings the focus on the central part of the watch and its tourbillon regulator.

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The rest of the habillage is equally discreet, yet greatly executed. For instance, the strap is a beautiful matte black alligator leather with a polished 18K Sedna gold buckle. Simple, low-key but nicely crafted. Overall, the watch is quite large on the wrist but doesn’t feel like a statement piece. It has impressive attention to details but never feels overdone.

Time now to go to the meaty part, the technical side of this watch. First thing to know, the new Omega De Ville Tourbillon is powered by a brand new movement, the hand-wound calibre 2640, produced in-house and today the flagship engine of the brand. And as such, Omega had no other choice than to implement everything its technical catalogue comprises.

Source: Monochrome

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