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Interesting facts about Christophe Claret watches.

The history of the Swiss watch brand Christophe Claret is a vivid success story of its founder. The Frenchman Christophe Claret was fond of the device of watch movements from early childhood and always knew that he would devote his life to watches.

Interesting facts about Christophe Claret watches.

1. The X-TREM-1 watch shows the time without hands.

2. The 21 Black Jack Casino Watch contains 884,736 card games.

3. A full test cycle of brand watches before sale takes 6 months.

4. Dual Tow watches contain so many innovations that experts still argue which one is the most outstanding.

5. The Christophe Claret manufactory is a full-cycle factory where they do not just assemble watches, but manufacture absolutely all the elements, cut glass, make jewelry decor and carry out tests, many of which are considered unique for the entire watch industry.

6. Christophe Claret is a brilliant engineer. It is not surprising that most of the machine tools, appliances and instruments in the factory are designed and constructed by him personally. All brand watches are hand-assembled. The author of all the details of watches, which are more than one million in sixty calibers, is Christophe Claret.

        Christophe Claret watches  are interactive, innovative and highly sophisticated masterpieces designed for true connoisseurs and collectors.

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