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Breguet. Treasure of the Aristocracy.

We can talk endlessly about how Breguet differs from other watch brands, but the main sign of uniqueness lies on the surface: everyone has heard about this watch, even people who are extremely distant from the watch world and attributes of dear life.

To tell the truth, definition dictionaries recognize the word "breguet" as a common name. As well as Breguet is often called any pocket or wrist watch with a fight. 

The Breguet house, founded back in 1775 by the French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, does have something to boast of: among the "star" clients are Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill.

Breguet on BitDialsThe main achievements of Breguet were the first wristwatches in history, which he made specifically for the Queen of Naples, Carolyn Murat, as well as the invention of the tourbillon - the new principle of the mechanism at that time.

Having such recognition from famous aristocrats and monarchs, it is not surprising that the Breguet watch brand has become one of the most frequently mentioned in world literature.

In the 19th century everyone talked about this watch, from Balzac, Stendhal, Hugo, Max Jacob, Jules Verne and Dumas to Russian classics. For example, Pushkin and Kuprin elevated Breguet to the rank of the most valuable treasure of the aristocracy.

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