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Bovet 1822. Swiss Handcrafted.

Bovet Fleurier SA is a Swiss brand of luxury watchmakers chartered May 1, 1822 in London, U.K. by Édouard Bovet. It is most noted for its pocket watches manufactured for the Chinese market in the 19th century.

Today it produces high-end artistic watches with a style that references its almost two-century-old history.

The company is known for its high-quality dials (such as the Fleurier Miniature Painting models), engraving, and its seven-day tourbillon. The original Bovet watches were also among the first to emphasize the beauty of their movements with skeletonized views and highly decorative movements. Bovet watches were also among the first to include a second hand while the company has a tradition of employing women artisans, which is rare for traditional watch making companies in Europe.

Buy Bovet with Bitcoins on BitDialsBovet is an independent, haute horlogerie watchmaker that makes 3000 only watches a year “When you have a wedding, you go to your tailor, you take your time. He even asks you to come back two, three, four times. That’s normal, because you are doing something handmade. True luxury is only three things: a clear identity, very little quantities, and handcrafted. If you have what everybody has, then it is not luxury. If it is made in numbers of more than 8000 to 9000 timepieces per year, it’s not luxury; it is an industrial process".

Source: Bovet