BitDials under blackmail attack

Attention! BitDials under blackmail attack!

BitDials is proud to be the world's first bitcoin-only luxury boutique that provide original and unique high-end luxury watches and jewelry to the crypto community since 2016.

Within less than 2 years the company became quite famous and successful. Also we are in the process of constant development, as a result of which we have extended our range of brands, added jewelry and soon diamonds. The new automobile boutique - BitCars - was also successfully launched just recently.

More than that BitDials is well-known for its reliability and security, quality employees and proven sellers. Thanks to high security standards of Shopify Plus and BitPay, your personal and billing information is protected by professionals!

That's why since 2016 we have never failed our clients. You may find this confirmation on TrustPilot, where our customers leave verified reviews. According to statistics these are only about 20% of all customers, because satisfied customers often don’t care about reviews or they just want to stay absolutely anonymous. On the opposite site it’s much easier to get bad reviews from angry customer. But there aren’t any.This is actually a confirmation that we are a real deal.

But there is also a dark side of success.

We worked very hard to make our name in the crypto community. On our way companies came across that tried to copy our site quite often.

More than this, recently we received a letter in which we were blackmailed and demanded to pay money otherwise we would get review bombs associated with a bad reputation.

We really worked hard to build BitDials and to ensure customer satisfaction on all our platforms and channels and as much as we want to protect our name, we cannot give in to blackmails. This could be a never ending story. We don't want to support criminals even though we risk that some fall for this negative review spamming and believe them.

We are not the first or the last who received such threats. Therefore, we want to warn you in advance and apologize for the inconvenience. We will do our best to sort this out as quickly as possible.

Your support is very important for us and we appreciate it!

We will do our best to continue to be the best.