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Are the watches really worth waiting for over a decade?

If you are a newcomer to luxury watches, you might be surprised and maybe even frustrated by the long waiting times and the unavailability of some models from Rolex.

We know that coming to a Rolex Dealer and finding out about the waiting time or inavailability of your dream watch and then walking out empty handed can be very disappointing.

As an example, customers need to wait 4-6 years for a Rolex Submariner Date Reference 116610LV aka The Hulk. One even worse the Daytona ref 116500LN and the GMT-Master II ref 126710BLRO aka Pepsi is not to get without a waiting time of over 10 years at authorized dealers.

But why is that so?

The reason herefore is simple, Rolex is very proud on its exclusivity, so they control every part of the manufactoring process and calibrate their amount of watches produced very carefully. The purposely created shortage creates an extra demand which again generates higher prices and the waiting lists are maintained to enhance the exclusivity of the prescious timepieces.

BitDials has international sources and is able to provide a wide range of Rolex watches which are typically not to get without long waiting times. There are several steps to take additionally to get some of the most seeked after watches, which leads to the premium in price.

If you are looking for a great alternative for a Rolex but don't want to spare anything in quality and prestige, please check our range of Hublot, Breguet, IWC, Cartier, Breitling and Chopard as well.

Here we can help you in finding great deals without the long waiting time or premium.