7 Jewelry Mistakes Men Make | Masculine Jewelry Tips.

Men's jewellery: two words quite likely to cause a shudder.

If it doesn't conjure memories of Mr T, than it's the gold-dripping cab drivers outside Rome/Barcelona/Milan airport, who - while cool in their own way - are hardly the kind of gent we want to imitate on the regular.

But worst of all, many still believe men's jewellery to be feminine. Emasculating, even. None of which is remotely true.

Today's post will discuss 7 mistakes that men make when wearing jewelry…AND how to fix them.

Buy Cartier jewelry with Bitcoin on BitDials 1. Not Wearing Jewelry With Confidence

As a man of style, it's ok to push your boundaries a bit. Many guys don't wear jewelry because they're not confident in it. That's ok. All it takes is a bit of practice, but how?

Go visit the jeweler or a department store and try stuff on. It’s called window shopping. By doing this, you will get used to how you look in the pieces.

Keep it simple in the beginning and then (maybe) you can graduate to more elaborate items.

2. Not Paying Attention to Your Environment

For the guys who don’t mind sporting accessories, make sure that they are situationally appropriate. The environment is everything and when wearing jewelry it’s important that you pay attention to the rules or the general conventions.

Men's/Unisex Jewelry with Bitcoin3. Over-Accessorizing

You have to know how much jewelry is too much. There is an old saying that “jewelry is that last thing that you put on but the first thing that you see.”

Make sure that you tastefully accessorize with your outfits.

Nothing should overpower your clothes. Each accessory should compliment the entire look. While Mr. T was a stud, he doesn’t represent the dapper gentleman. Remember, less is more.

Another consideration is the type of outfit. You may be able to get away with certain types and amounts of jewelry with different looks. For example, earrings are not usually accepted when wearing a suit – but if you’re at the football game with the guys – go for it.

4. Wearing Jewelry Unbalanced

Jewelry that is unbalanced is the cousin to over-accessorizing as it can draw too much attention to one side/part of your body.

The important thing is to make sure that all accessories maintain an equilibrium of sorts.

One way to throw off the balance is my mixing the metals. Try as best as possible to keep them the same. If you are wearing a two-toned bracelet watch, highlight the dominant metal with your other accessories.

Buy jewelry with bitcoin on BitDials6. Assuming That All Jewelry Is Feminine

Let me be clear – jewelry is not feminine.

There are certain styles that may be considered less masculine than others but to say that all are for the softer sex is simply not true. Let’s take a historical perspective for a minute.

Egyptian pharaohs from the Eighteenth Dynasty were known for their wesesks which were collars/necklaces and were given to officials and dignitaries – as well as soldiers – as a mark of honor.

Male bracelets date back to 3000 B.C. and earlier – warriors and shamans wore them to ward off evil
I could go on forever but history has shown us that men wearing jewelry is the picture of masculinity and in some cases “badassery”. At the end of the day it’s all about functionality, preference, and style. Wear it with confidence and that sentiment will translate to everyone else.

7. Not Wearing Jewelry In Proportion To Your Body

Avoid these mistakes and don’t be afraid to experiment until you get comfortable with the right pieces that work for you. Remember, you can never go wrong with simple yet elegant pieces.

Source: RMRS

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